1:1 Whole Life Coaching

Whole Life Coaching encompasses, work, family, relationships, personal goals.  Just as all boats rise with the tide, so do the areas of your life rise when you make improvements in one area! 

No one is an expert in your life except you, but we cannot often see our truth without a mirror.  Our 1:1 sessions are design to help you remove the blocks and limitations you have placed on yourself, in order to create the best possible version of yourself!



Get the latest Softskills Update for your team or company. Upgrading to H2H OS® helps your team become more connected, creative and innovative. 

Facilitation of DiSC assessment tool to uncover your team's super powers and integrate it into your culture to improve communication and productivity.

H2H OS® Reboot Camps

  • 3 day weekend offsite
  • 5 day intensive
  • Quarterly reboots

"Activational" Speaking

I think motivation is over-rated.  The key to achieving your dreams is "activation"!  I'll help you activate the fire and passion that's bubbling under the surface waiting to come out and help you achieve all your dreams!

Stop Saying That!!

Turning your inner critic into your biggest ally.

Trust Your Knowing - Not Your Thinking

How to tap into the power of gut instincts and the science behind nonverbal communication.

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Mentoring

Remember the days when it was OK to learn from our mistakes, and those people who helped guide us forward toward success?