We have lost the art of mentoring in many organizations today. The result: unhappy, uninspired teams with no ability to effectively carry out the company's mission and vision.

H2H Operating Systems was born from the need to bring the human to human connection back into corporations. The fact is, without mentorship, without understanding how to communicate within organizations, even the most brilliant companies will suffer. 

There is another way.

The key ingredient to creating an environment of inspired leaders is creating a peer coaching environment. Teaching individuals and their teams how to find their leading edge through greater communication and connection. This is a personalized experience that takes into account your specific leading edge as a company, your current communication and relationship status within the company, and the vision of where you want to go.

Our Mission

To create a peer coaching environment in organizations in which leaders and their teams learn how to mentor each other, build teams of empowered employees, and learn to put the human connection back into the workplace. 

how it works

We come to your business, assess the current situation in communication, leadership, development and training. From here, we work with leaders and their teams to navigate the discomfort of poor communication. We believe individuals that feel seen and heard feel more connected to their teams and their organizations as a whole. 

Leadership training and development is based on: 

  • Soft skills
  • Agility
  • Relating of leadership 
  • Navigating Constructive Conflict
  • Communication
  • Adaptability to change

CEO’s have always been allowed to take risks, they are allowed to have faith. Imagine what an entire company of rising leaders could accomplish if they felt supported and inspired? We have to put the emphasis on human to human connection in organizations in order for them to truly thrive.
— MJ Impastato, Founder of H2H Operating Systems

MJ Impastato, founder

After spending years as an executive assistant and seeing first hand the struggles that corporations face with relationship management, I had an easy solution. The trouble was, not many CEO's were willing to see things differently. There is a severe lack of connection in the workplace. I'm talking about how we connect to ourselves, how we make decisions, and how we lead teams. There is a high turnover rate, unhappy team members, and lost opportunity for unlimited creativity, energy and inspiration. The answer: We need to learn how to mentor each other. We need to learn how we can be effective leaders. H2H Operating Systems was born from a new way of thinking. It is based on the investment in emerging leaders to carry forth the company's mission and vision. It is teaching teams how to understand themselves so they can be of higher service to the company. We are wired to be human-to-human operating systems, this is simply the next level of leadership development.

a few benefits of mentorship in the workplace

  • Create a team of emerging leaders that are connected to the company's long-term success
  • Learn how to effectively work and communicate in dynamic, challenging environments 
  • Increase the company's productivity without the need to spend so much time on hiring and conflict management
  • Development of more leadership roles that can bring your organization to a new level